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Montessori Matters in Middle School

As a new Head of School, I want to shout to the rooftops how much I appreciate WMS and what we do for children. Recently, I got to do just that with an article in Litchfield Magazine that focuses on our Middle School, which I believe to be one of the most substantive and exciting programs for young adolescents anywhere.

I have been a fan of the WMS Middle School for over ten years. As a new middle school teacher at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, I came to WMS to see students and teachers in action, and eventually worked closely with Sheila Coad-Bernard to develop a program based on the amazing teaching and learning I saw here in New Preston.

To write the article, I interviewed WMS graduates who have gone on to success in a wide variety of fields. The breadth and depth of their achievements is so impressive: our graduates are chefs, artists, attorneys, and writers. They work in finance, medicine, and education (and some of them have come to work here with us!) I also spoke with administrators at many of the schools our graduates attend, who confirmed my belief that WMS middle school provides an exceptional preparation for the challenges of high school work at some of the top institutions in our nation.

Please enjoy this article about our Middle School program, yet one more reason why Montessori Matters.


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