Friday Coffee CartWashington Montessori School
New Preston, Connecticut

It was a short week due to the snow days on Monday and Tuesday, yet the days off and the several inches of snow brought a heightened energy to the building. Lots of snow shoeing, sledding, fort building and climbing took place at all age levels. Something about the brightness of the snow cheers us up during the long cold winter.

Learning times tables, paper writing, xylophone playing and ski racing, among other things, took place this week (it was short but busy!). Fortunately, these activities and learning take place courtesy of our dedicated community of teachers, administrators, students and their families. Spring break is coming up, and wouldn’t it be great if we kept COVID out of the building for the next several weeks?!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the snow.

David Newman,
Acting Head of School, WMS

P.S. Food Bank Friday 2/12- Unsweetened Applesauce.

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