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Friday Coffee CartWashington Montessori School
New Preston, Connecticut

Friday Coffee Cart Gathering

Another snowy week caused us to guess and pivot. These weeks are difficult for all of us, and I thank you for being patient and flexible. Despite limited time in the building, our kids engaged in map making, discussions of democracy, parades and a lot of sledding. They’ve also been helping with an auction project, which you’ll get a glimpse of in a couple of the slideshow photos. I won’t give away- you’ll have to wait for the auction next week to see what they’ve helped create! Don’t forget to sign up.

Once again, I am excited to report a negative COVID test result for our entire faculty and staff. While I don’t want to “jinx” it, I continue to be impressed with our collective efforts to keep our community safe and in school.

Perhaps we’ll have a full week next week, with even more to celebrate. 

Have a great weekend.

David Newman,
Acting Head of School, WMS

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