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New Preston, Connecticut



Montessori Beginnings classes are for young children and their parents or caregivers. Each session is facilitated by a Montessori-trained infant-toddler teacher who guides and models as the children interact with the materials, their parent or caregiver, and other children. Seeing is believing: if you wonder if Montessori might be right for your child and family, you’ll have your answer after this class!

SESSION 1: Begins Monday, March 27 
SESSION 2: Begins Monday, May 1
PRICE: $300/five-week session


THURSDAYS |  9 — 10 AM

The Pre/Postnatal Yoga series will bring together a community of mothers and/or soon-to-be mothers to support each other in  movement, mindfulness, and the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. There will be plenty of modifications offered to this yoga practice that will allow you to move in a way that supports both a pregnant and post-birth body, focusing on space, strength, pelvic floor stability, and grounding. If you’re newly postpartum, we invite you to bring your baby. The classes will be taught by Siri Hoffman, a Registered Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, and mother of three children. Siri believes deeply in the power of community, movement, awareness, and intention. Siri has been teaching yoga for 15 years, and her classes are full of deep knowledge of the human body, fun, intention, and support.

SESSION 1: Begins March 30
SESSION 2: Begins April 20
PRICE: $75/four-week session