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Our TrusteesWashington Montessori School
New Preston, Connecticut

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Washington Montessori School and the guardian of the school’s mission. The Board accepts accountability for both the financial stability and the financial future of the School by engaging in strategic financial planning, overseeing operating budgets, and participating actively in fundraising. The Board meets frequently throughout the course of the school year, and its members serve staggered terms.

New and returning trustees are elected by Members at the Annual Meeting. Parents of children currently enrolled in the school are considered by the Bylaws to be the sole defined “Members” of the School, and Members are the only persons who are entitled to vote for Trustees. The WMS Bylaws provide that there shall be at least 11 and not more than 20 Trustees. Of these, at least two-thirds of the Trustees must be current parents, and at least one shall not be a current parent. Under the Bylaws, the Head of School also serves as a voting ex officio member of the Board of Trustees.

2023-24 Board Members

Tanya Horgan

Jeremy LaCasse
Vice Chair

John Celebi

Helen Shu

Peter Arturi

Briana Ball

Lily Binns-Berkey ’95

Robert Copen

Sunday Fisher

Brieanne Hill

Chris Ivey

Julia Kivitz ’97

Kelly Opdyke

Fletcher Previn

Launa Schweizer
Head of School, ex officio

Matthew Woodhall

Pat Werner
Head of School Emeritus

Elvira Charles
Trustee Emeritus