Our TeachersWashington Montessori School
New Preston, Connecticut

Washington Montessori School faculty members are one of our school’s greatest assets. WMS teachers care deeply about children and are committed to helping each child reach his fullest potential. Dedication to the philosophy and pedagogy of Maria Montessori’s method is paramount in serving the needs of children in our school.

One of the hallmarks of a WMS education is the close relationship that develops between faculty, students and families. Since relationships between staff members and children at WMS are very close, our teachers invite students to call them by their first names. Using familiar names at WMS is not only a tradition that dates back to the school’s early years, it is a Montessori values-driven approach that kindles mutual respect between adults and students.

The teachers we’ve experienced at WMS have all been very passionate. It is clear to us that they ‘see’ our children, and are doing everything they can to help them become the best they can be.

There is one Head Teacher and one Associate Teacher in each classroom at the YCC, LS, LE and UE levels. Our Head Teachers are fully trained in Montessori education and our Associate Teachers are either trained in-house as Montessori assistants or hold their Montessori Assistants Certificate.

In Middle School, classes are taught by subject and by individual teachers. While many of our Middle School teachers have completed official Montessori Secondary training, we place more value on professional experience and mindset for our Middle School teachers than on Montessori certification.

Throughout our four oldest levels, the curriculum is enriched by specials, including Art, Music, Theater, Physical Education, Spanish and Latin. The faculty members who teach these subjects are experienced and dedicated experts.

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